Exporting Leads or Contacts who has no NOTE in Zoho CRM

As a part of sales process common and effective practice is adding note for particular lead or contact or account.

Normally we can create custom views with specifying criteria , but if we look at all available criteria option, we won’t find any that speaks abut ‘Note’.

So,It’s not possible to make segmented list for those who don’t have note inside the Leads, Contacts or others modules. For more clarification , Note is another module in Zoho CRM (Did you know that?) and currently Zoho doesn’t support relational custom view inside certain module.

In this situation what we have to do is creating report. Report allows us to select related module and can be specified criteria afterward.

And specify criteria as Note Content is Empty.
Now ready to export that report in Excel , CSV or PDF whatever you want.
Thank you!

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