How to mass update (more than 100 records) in Zoho CRM

If you are familiar with Zoho CRM administration, you may noticed we can’t mass update more than 100 Leads/Contacts at a time as it allows only 100 records to be shown for a list view. If you need to perform mass update large amount of data with this ‘Mass update’ option , it will take large amount of time as well :( . Another drawback is, not possible to update multiple field values for selected 100 records. So if we want to get things done ,following trick can be very handy.

  • Creating report :   With desired criteria create a tabular report first so that it come up only with the records that need to be updated.  Don’t forget to include the fields that need to be updated as column, also include the mandatory fields of respective module.    Zoho Report
  • Exporting the Report:  Export the report in .xls or .csv format we just created earlier.
  • Update the Report :  Update the Excel file.
  • Importing back the updated file:  Now time to import the updated file in CRM. To get updated data in CRM,  it’s very important to choose overwrite option while importing data so that it can’t create new records and mapping RecordID properly along with other fields. Are you missing RecordID field to map with? Just un-check the following option on leads or contact layout page and start again from beginning , got it?duplicate and finish the importing. Now all records should be updated instead of adding new records, what does says import history?

Let me know if you have any questions.

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