Search Records in Custom Module of Zoho CRM

Don’t waste your time to write some Deluge script using zoho.crm.searchRecordsByPDC(<moduleName>,<criteriaColumnName>,<criteriaColumnValue>) function in Custom Module. Simply it won’t work as it only works with some predefined module and column. Same massage for the function  zoho.crm.getRelatedRecords(<ModuleName>,<PrentModuleName>,<RecordID>,fromIndex,toIndex).

Use this <variable>= zoho.crm.searchRecords(“<moduleName >”, “<criteria>”, fromIndex, toIndex) instead to get it done! Sample code is given below:-

vpatient = zoho.crm.searchRecords(“CustomModule4″,”(Patient|doesn’t contain|Null)”);
for each clientrec in vpatient

info clientrec;



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