Why Aweber Single Opt-in doesn’t work for Twitter Lead Generation Card

Couple of weeks ago I posted a blog that describes the way of integrating Twitter Lead Generation card with Aweber. It’s very common thing that you won’t want to confirm their subscription back again, as they already opted-in through clicking the ‘Call-to-Action’ button to get subscribed and there is a another strong reason to expecting turning off double opt-in process with Twitter Lead Generation card that is zero possibility of getting fake email id as it collects user’s original twitter handle. But, unfortunately Aweber don’t turn off sending confirmation email. If the Aweber don’t get adding URL information (Subscription Source) for where they signed up the confirmation message would be sent.

 Fig: Subscription source

Some of the more popular reasons for why the Adding URL would
not be sent to AWeber when a subscriber signs up include:
— A bookmark is selected.
— The URL is typed into the address bar.
— Some other program launches the URL other than the browser.
— If the user has the page set as their homepage.
— From some local file based link (viewing a disk based HTML file).
— From page links dragged to the address bar on browsers that support

Some browsers won’t send an Adding URL when:
— There is an unsupported or optional feature. Many browsers have
options to turn off referral string generation as a security precaution
which would stop the URL from being sent to us.
— When “open this link in a new window” is selected in the browser.
— If security settings are high.
— If using a proxy server or other filtering agent.
— If it is a secure page. Some browsers won’t send an external referral
string as a security precaution

Hope it will helps someone.


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